Is your lifestyle or the sport you love giving you physical discomfort?
"As a passionate lifter, it is really important for me to be able to move without pain. I'm not doing this as a one-off thing, I'm in it for life. 
Work Lift Balance came to my rescue when I herniated my disc 3 months ago. 
10 years of bad movement patterns and probably pushing myself too fast post-pregnancy, this injury was just an accident waiting to happen.

Shern has helped me better understand my body and how to move efficiently. Because of this, my training has been taken to another level. 
Whatever she has taught and had done for me makes me confident that longevity in this sport will no longer just be a pipe dream."

Devina Pronolo, Powerlifter
We support your pursuit of an active lifestyle by maximising your potential
Our methods are designed to prevent and eliminate pain.
With an approach where physiotherapy and movement training meet, we help you get stronger, smarter and pain-free for life.
We are with you the whole way
Our STACKED approach ensures that your recovery is personal, sustainable and progressive.
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